Why TFT?

Our experts contribute to explore the possibilities of developing TF Trader into one of the best trading platform that offers flexibility to client’s needs and provides advanced technology.

TTF TRADER offers 35 trading currency pairs to trade.

Maximum Available Leverage: 500
Minimum Trading volume: 1,000 currencies
Margin Call: 30% of the investment funds

TF Trader Installation now!

Opening account by only 3 steps

Fill Application Form
Send KYC
Open account

The only proof documents we need

Personal identification
  • Passport
  • Drive license
Residence certificate
  • Government-Issued Documents, Documents issued by bank,or other financial institutions
  • Eg:
    telephone bill
    Bank statement
  • The submitted files must be in the formats of GIF/JPG/PNG and within 200k.
  • A full photo page is a must for ID proof(no page wrapped or missing).
  • Recognizable words and clear photo are required.
  • Address for application is supposed to coincide with the one in ID proof document
  • The submitted files are supposed to be colored rather white-black copies

Any improper issue in files may cause a delay in account application.

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments on FPM or our product, Please contact us by